Publication criteria

The “Studies in Human Rights” Journal welcomes the contributions of writers and intellectuals to any of the topics related to human rights that meet with the following publication requirements:


- Addressing issues in an academic approach featured by objectivity, accuracy and professionalism.


- Documentation of sources and references in an academic approach.


- The article or the study shall be submitted to the Academic Board or via the Journal e-mail.


- The research or study shall not exceed 5,000 words in length. Essays and articles shall not exceed 3,000 words in length. Seminars and conferences reports shall not exceed 2,500 words in length and shall include basic information on the seminar or the conference, such as the date, venue and the key participants, along with the monitoring and analysis of the most important papers and discussions.


- Book reviews shall not exceed 1500 words in length and date of publishing must not be older than two years. The review must be headed with the title of the book, in addition to the name of the author as well as the date and the location of publisher and shall contain the analysis of the key drawn up topics and conclusions of the book.


- The materials sent must not have been published before or submitted for publication elsewhere.


- Publication of sent materials depends on the decision of the Academic Board. Submitted materials that do not meet with these requirements will not be sent back to the authors.


- The author will be notified by the decisions of the Academic Board no later than two months of the date of recipient.


- The Journal has the right to publish the approved material in parts in accordance with the editorial plan.